NAT64 public test in Go6lab

We are hosting a public test of various NAT64 implementations that is completely free, open and you can test them from anywhere on the Internet, as long as you have IPv6 connectivity. You can also use this test to access IPv4-only servers from IPv6-only networks wherever you are.

Read the instructions how to use it and how to direct traffic to different implementations. Thnx to PaloAlto Networks (PAN4050) and Cisco (ASR1001) for sending us hardware to make this test possible!

4 thoughts on “NAT64 public test in Go6lab

  1. Thank you for giving everybody the opportunity to test this transition mechanism. Its performance seems to be very good to me overall, but I wonder whether the poor performance of some services (e.g. video streaming) might depend on some traffic shaping you would be (legitimately) imposing.

    • Nope, no traffic shaping at all. Video might be quite harder to translate as it’s usually more intense traffic and time-sensitive. Video providers will just have to realize that serving the conten over IPv6 will bring more and more benefits and better user experinece – in contrast to sending it through NAT64.

  2. I am really grateful for your efforts and contribution.But how can i use the NAT64? Is there anything i should download or set? where can i download them?

    • Hi,

      If you have IPv6 connectivity, just disable IPv4 and set the DNS resolver on your machine to one of the specified DNS64 addresses and you are done 😉

      Cheers, Jan Zorz

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